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All Bar Stools

30" Ginger 40089 Bar Stool
30 Inch Lauren 40293
24 Inch Lauren stainless 40493
30 Inch Lauren stainless 40293
Jesse Caster Chair
m110 Caster Chair
W-270 Caster Chair
W-260 Caster Chair
236 Caster Chair - Paint Stroke
30" Romy 41465 Bar Stool
24" Sophy 40466
30" Sophy 40466
521 Round Back Stainless Armless
Backless S-Base
Manhattan Bar
Treasure Cay Rattan Stool
Treasure Cay Pub Set
Adelle Outdoor Stool Upholstered
Backless Macau Stool
M-60 Metal Bar Stool
Jenna Outdoor Stool
Jenna Outdoor Stool Upholstered
Ian Outdoor Pub Table
Bonnie Backless Outdoor Stool
Jenna Outdoor Stool with Arms
Erin Outdoor Stool with Arms
Erin Outdoor Stool
30" Brittany Pub Set - 73405
Wood Seat Ladder Back Chair
Ladder Back Bar Stool
Black 2 Bar Ladder Back Stool
Black 3 Bar Ladder Back Chair
2 Bar Ladder Back Wood Seat Stool
3 Bar Ladder Back Wood Seat Chair
Lounge Collection - TB 1010
Lounge Collection - TB 1050
Lounge Collection - TB 1060
Swivel Bucket Seat
Wood Extension Table Top
2545 Bar Stool with Arms
34" - 2545 Bar Stool with arms
36" Square Walnut Dinette
2545 Bar Stool without arms
Cemera Rattan Stool
34" Lauren 40493 Stainless Stool
Lounge Collection - TB 1070
Double Ring Chrome
24" Max Bar Stool
30" Max Bar Stool
34" Max Bar Stools
Outdoor Aluminum Swivel Backless
36" Square Natural Dinette
280 on Melina Base
Napa Swivel Bar Stool
30" Napa Swivel Bar Stool
34" Napa Swivel Bar Stool
Wood Seat Ladder Back Stool
Ladder Back Chair
30" Sarah Bar Stool - 41455
30" Sarah Pub Set - 78455
30" Pablo Bar Stool - 45304
30" Kyle Bar Stool - 41414
Wood Ladder Back Mahogany Chair
Bell Glide
360deg Swivel
Compression Caster
Metal Shield Caster
26" Lilly Pub Set - 50807
34" Kyle Bar Stool - 41414
30" Kyle Pub Set - 73414
26" Kyle Bar Stool - 41414
26" Kyle Pub Set - 73414
30" Marcus Pub Set - 73451
26" Marcus Pub Set - 73451
34" Lilly Bar Stool - 41421
30" Lilly Pub Set - 50807
Wood School House Back Mahogany
30" Lilly Bar Stool - 41421
26" Lilly Bar Stool - 41421
30" Jasmine Bar Stool - 41453
Jaylo Bar Stool
MI-110 Steel Bar Stool
MI-203 Counter Height Bar Stool
Tango Arms Mushroom Base Pub Set
Wood Ladder Back Natural Chair
270 Bar Stool
36" Table Pub Set 270 Stool
270 Bar Stool High Back
226 Bar Stool with Arms
260 Bar Stool
260 Pub Set
M-110 Metal Bar Stool
W-270 Bar Stool
W-260 Bar Stool
W-236 Bar Stool
M-80 Metal Bar Stool
26" Marcus Bar Stool - 41451
30" Marcus Bar Stool - 41451
30" Cindy Bar Stool - 41417
Return Swivel
246 Caster Chair
36" Square Walnut Dinette
Adjustable Swivel Tilt
24" x 42" Natural Pub Set
36in Round Pub Set
36" Round Bar Table Set
Matrix Fogo Swivel Bar Stool
Wave with Arms Melina
30" Cindy Pub Set - 77417
26" Cindy Bar Stool - 41417
Soft Rolling Caster
Legacy Rattan Bar Stool
Havana Palm
260 Caster Chair
Wave Caster Chair
400 Armless - Purple Bar Stool
M-70 Metal Bar Stool
30" Outdoor Palm Barstool
Outdoor Palm 5PC Pub Set
Outdoor Panama Jack Island Breeze Bar Stool
Outdoor Panama Jack Island Breeze Pub Set
Jesse Bar Stool
M-90 Metal Bar Stool
Maxim Pub Set - 79741
Ronny Pub Set - 78442
26" Cindy Pub Set - 77417
M-70 Metal Caster Chair
M-90 Metal Caster Chair
M-60 Metal Caster Chair
36" Round Natural Dinette
30" Cardin Bar Stool - 41430
34" Cardin Bar Stool - 41430
26" Cardin Pub Set - 41430, 50863
30" Cardin Pub Set - 41430, 50863
26" Cardin Bar Stool - 41430
2010 Bar Stool with Arms
Swivel Stool #575
576 Swivel Bar Stool
101 Backless Barstool
40494 Bar Counter Stool
Tango S-Base with Arms
26" Maxim Pub Set - 79441
30" Maxim Pub Set - 79441
26" Maxim Bar Stool - 41441
573 Non Swivel Stool
2015 Tuscan Bar Stool
2046 Swivel Stool
Summer Bar Stool
Mimosa Bar Stool
30" Maxim Bar Stool - 41441
M-80 Metal Caster Chair
Calvin 1 Bar Stool
30" Mat Pub Set - 78462
26" Nathan Bar Stool - 40033
30" Nathan Bar Stool - 40033
Tuscany 26" Stainless Steel Counter Stool
Tuscany 30" Stainless Steel Bar Stool
Tuscany 26" Stainless Counter Stool
Tuscany 26" Wood and Stainless Counter Stool
Tuscany 30" Wood and Stainless Bar Stool
Tuscany 26" Stainless Steel and Wood Counter Stool
Provence 26" Armless Stainless Steel Counter Stool
Provence 30" Armless Stainless Steel Bar Stool
Provence 26" Swivel Stainless Steel Counter Stool
Provence 30" Swivel Stainless Steel Bar Stool
Chateau 26" Swivel Counter Stool
Chateau 30" Swivel Bar Stool
Chateau 26" Stainless Steel Swivel Counter Stool
Vintage-26" Counter Stool
Vintage-30" Bar Stool
Vintage-26" Swivel Counter Stool
Champagne Stainless Steel Bar Stool
Champagne-30" Stainless Steel Bar Stool
Champagne-30" Swivel Stainless Steel Bar Stool
34" Oriental with Arms
30" Oriental with Arms
24" Oriental with Arms
34" Tango Josh Base with Arms
30" Tango with Arms
24" Tango with Arms
26" Pablo Bar Stool - 45304
Payton Pub Set / 78103
Round Wood Table Top
Wood Extension Round/Oval Table Top
4558-24" Wood Bar Stool
4558-30" Wood Bar Stool
Wood Ladder Back Walnut Stool
Wood Ladder Back Walnut Chair
4556-24" Maple Kitchen Chair
4556-30" Maple Bar Stool
4556-24" Cappuccino Kitchen Chair
4556-30" Cappuccino Bar Stool
30" Victoria Pub Set - 79128
Outdoor Aluminum Swivel
Black Slat Back Chair
400 Dinette Side Chair
Caribean Caster Chair with Arms
24" 400 S-Base
30" 400 S-Base
270 Chair Bucket Low Back
400 Caster Chair with Arms
34" 2015 Counter Stool
2015 Tall Bar Stool with Arms
24" - 54 Swivel Counter Stool
30" - 54 Contemporary Bar Stool
34" Lauren 40293 Wood Stool
186-24" Non Swivel Bar Stool
186-30" Swivel Bar Stool
71-24" Modern Kitchen Counter Stool
71"-30" Modern Bar Stool
93-24" Commercial Counter Stool
93-30" Commercial Bar Stool
155-24" Kitchen Counter Stool
155-30" Modern Bar Stool
370-24" Counter Stool
370-30" Bar Stool
2010-24" Traditional Counter Stool
2010-30" Traditional Bar Stool
2010-24" Bar Stool Armless
2010-30" Bar Stool Armless
1030-24" Vertical Counter Stool
1030-30" Vertical Bar Stool
874A-24" Billiard Bar Stool
874A-30" Billiard Bar Stool
874-24" Table Stool
874-30" Bar Stool
2020-24inch Modern Kitchen Counter Stool
2020-30" Modern Bar Stool
2020-24 inch Armless Bar Stool
2020-30" Armless Bar Stool
1229-24" Modern Counter Chair
1229-30" Modern Swivel Bar Stool
2027-24" Contemporary Stool
2027-30" Contemporary Bar Stool
2027-24" Armless Contemporary Counter Stool
2027-30" Armless Contemporary Bar Stool
2028-24" Stool
2028-30" Bar Stool
2028-24" Armless Stool
2028-30" Armless Bar Stool
2086-24" Swivel Bar Stool
2086-34" Swivel Bar Stool
2032-24" Counter Stool
2032-30" Bar Stool
2033-24" Counter Stool
2033-30" Bar Stool
Bali Rattan Stool
Vanessa Backless Stool
Key Largo Stool
30 inch Key Largo
1001 Custom Bar Stool
400 Caster Chair with Arms
Montego Caster Chair
Marina Bar Stool
Bali Bar Stool
Thai Wood Bar Stool
Tango Armless Special
MI-310 Pub Table
34" Cindy Bar Stool - 41417
Seat Bucket - Mango
Seat Bucket - Mango Full Back
Seat Bucket - Mango Nails
Classic Caster Chair with Arms
Classic Melina Base with Arms
Chair Base - 5 Pronge
Tobago Barstool on S-Base
30" Pablo Pub Set - 79304
Trica Biscaro Stool
Mango Full Back Caster Chair with Arms
270 High Back Caster Chair
Bahama Twin Couch Bed
Bahama Twin Sofa Bed and Table
Mango Caster Chair with Arms
Wood Ladder Back Mahogany Stool
Wood Ladder Back Cherry Chair
Wood Ladder Back Cherry Stool
Seat Bucket - 280
Wood School House Back Mahogany Chair
Chair Base - 935
Chair Base - 788
Slat Back Bar Stool
Black Circle Back Chair
Circle Back Bar Stool
Wood Seat X Back Chair
Sleeper Sofa
School House Back Stool
School House Back Chair
Wood Seat School House Back Stool
Wood Seat School House Back Chair
Window Back Bar Stool
Window Back Chair
Wood Seat Window Back Stool
Wood Seat Window Back Chair
X Back Bar Stool
X Back Chair
Wood Seat X Back Stool
225 Caster Chair
225 Caster Chair with Arms
W-236 Caster Chair
Backless Red Macau Stool
236 Caster Chair Bandito
Seat Bucket - 400
Seat Bucket - Caribean
Wood Rectangle Clip Corners Table Top
Wood Bar Stool Base - Josh
Wood Bar Stool Base - Melina
Wood Bar Stool Base - Melina with Tilt
Wood Bar Stool Base - S-Base
Table Base - 404
Table Base - Hour Glass
Table Base - Italian
Table Base - Tressle Glass
Seat Bucket - 270
Seat Bucket - 270 High Back
Wood Rectangle Clip Corners Table Top
Seat Bucket - Caribean with Arms
Seat Bucket - Jesse
Manhattan- Stainless Steel Home Bar
24" Tango without Arms
30" Tango without Arms
Swivel Bar Stools With Arms 377
24" Wave S-Base without Arms
30" Wave S-Base without Arms
34" Wave S-Base without Arms
24" Oriental without Arms
30" Oriental without Arms
34" Oriental without Arms
24" Caribbean Melina Base with Arms
30" Caribbean S-Base with Arms
34" Caribbean S-Base with Arms
24" Caribbean S-Base without Arms
30" Caribbean S-Base without Arms
34" Caribbean S-Base without Arms
24" Mango Melina Base with Arms
30" Mango Melina Base with Arms
30" Mango S-Base with Arms
24" Mango Melina Base without Arms
30" Mango S-Base without Arms
34" Mango S-Base with Arms
401 with Arms
24" 300 on Melina Base w/o Arms
30" 300 on S-Base w/o Arms
30" 300 on Melina Base w/o Arms
34" 300 on S-Base w/o Arms
Tango Pub Set Counter Height
Bali S-Base Stool
Classic Caster Chair Arm Guards
Classic Caster Chair - Tan
30" 500 Melina Base without Arms
Montego S-Base - Nailheads
Tobago S-Base Stool - Nailheads
Tiara Outdoor Table Base
Celino Outdoor Table Base
Fabia Outdoor Base Wrought Iron
Stiletto Outdoor Table Base
Foot Ring Indoor Table Base
Decorative Indoor Round Table Base
Decorative Indoor Table Base
Round Wood Outdoor Table Tops
Square Wood Outdoor Table Tops
400 24" Bar Stool
24" Captain Bar Stool
30" Captain Bar Stool
Montego Bar Stool - S-Base
500 Two Tone with Arms
511 Wood Back Stainless
521 Round Back Stainless
Leaf Melina
MI-300 Counter Pub Set
MI-311 Pub Table
Ronny Stool
Amisco 41526 Russell
30" Amboise Bar Stool
26" Amboise Bar Stool
Bar Stool Swivel Tilt
Comphy Swivel Bar Stool
500 Melina with Arms
Kurv Bar Stool
2010 Bar Stool Armless
30" Brittany 1405 Memory Swivel Bar Stool
24" Brittany 41405 Memory Swivel Counter Stool
34" Brittany 41405 Memory Swivel Counter Stool
Fame Bar Stool
Lincoln Bar Stool
Amisco Jonas
Wood Ladder Back Natural Stool
Montego Barstool - Melina Base
Somerville on S-Base
Oriental S-Base with Arms
400 S-Base with Arms
Backless Melina
Backless Josh
3 Piece Pub Set 500 Stools
5 Piece Pub Set 500 Stools
5 Piece Pub Set Mango Stools
Jordan 1 Bar Stool
Chateau 1 Bar Stool
Champagne 1 Bar Stool
Tuscany 1 Bar Stool
Provence 1 Bar Stool
401 Caster Chair with Arms
Virginia 1 Bar Stool
Conrad Outdoor Table Base
Resin Table Top Colors
Drop Leaf Tables
400 Armless Bar Stool S-Base
Caribbean Melina Base without Arms
Backless Stool #41
Slat Back Cherry Wood Stool
Slat Back Cherry Wood Chair
Slat Back Mahogany Wood Stool
Slat Back Mahogany Wood Chair
Slat Back Natural Wood Stool
Slat Back Natural Wood Chair
Slat Back Walnut Wood Stool
Slat Back Walnut Wood Chair
Round Reversible Table Top
Square Reversible Table Top
24" Rectangle Reversible Table Top
30" Rectangle Reversible Table Top
5" x 22" Table T Base
18" Round Table Base
24" Round Table Base
22" x 22" Table X Base
22" x 30" Table X Base
30" x 30" Table X Base
33" x 33" Table X Base
Barnett Rocker Recliner
Denton Rocker Recliner
Maurer Rocker Recliner
Riker Rocker Recliner
Tyson Rocker Recliner
280 Wood Stool
Locking Rolling Caster
Caribbean with Upholstered Arms
Coco with Arms
m111 Caster Chair
#74 - 24 Inch Stool
2045 Bar Stool
5039 Counter Stool with Arms
42" Glass Pub Table
845N Casters Chairs
Mango Caster Chair with 400 Arms
265 Caster Chair

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